Legendary Billiards is an organization that host pool tournaments year round in the the greater Cincinnati area. Scotch Doubles, 8-ball Action Series Singles tournament, Legendary 9-ball OPEN, Chip Tournaments and the Queen City Classic are just a few that showcase the best competition in Ohio and its surrounding states. The Legendary Billiards organization was established to create rules and utilize a handicapping system that could unify players from any league for tournament action. This included tournament rules specific to Legendary Billiards events and methods for converting various league handicaps to a new standard. Aligned with this new foundation was a passion for producing higher quality tournaments.

Leveraging the Legendary format opened the Queen City Classic up to members who did not play in the APA and set the stage to grow the tournament at a faster rate. Since that time, the tournament has added a new singles event called the Action Series and expanded the Scotch Doubles events to run every night. Additionally, the Queen City Classic events are now streamed and broadcasted on the internet. Team counts have tripled and word is spreading fast to surrounding states that Cincinnati is growing a tournament that is fun, competitive and worth the time and travel.

To accommodate the demand for the Queen City Classic, a second event was added to the calendar in October of 2015. For the second year, the tournament is semi-annual and continues to add new, exciting elements to the format.